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We offer premium European products to selected corporate partners that meet our high standards. Our aim is to stand for highest quality, originality, and uniqueness of products and customer services beyond the mainstream mass processing. 

COMING SOON: CEZZAN also in other major cities and at new locations in Tehran:  
CEZZAN is expanding its business activities inside and outside of Tehran. The new locations where CEZZAN products are offered will be announced at this place.

 با گسترش فعالیتهای بازرگانی محصولات شرکت سزان آلمان در تهران و چندین شهر بزرگ ایران ارائه خواهند شد. اطلاعات بیشتر در این رابطه در این مکان منتشر خواهند شد. سزان 
CEZZAN Business Partners in Tehran
CEZZAN products are now available at following premium stores where you can enjoy competent consulting and high-quality products in a well-organized and beautiful ambience. For more information please contact:
Mrs. Mahshid Shoorangiz
Tel.: +98 912 214 72 77 


شهر کتاب نیاوران

شهر کتاب ابن سینا، شهرک غرب

شهر کتاب مرکز، شریعتی‌

نشر مرکز، فاطمی، مقابل هتل لاله، باباطاهر
Celeberating the Culture of Writing  Text-Edit.png    

The attractiveness of traditional culture of writing has increased since the appearance of the Internet. A handwritten letter or card is now regarded as an exquiste personal dedication reflecting the style, taste, cultural level and character of its writer. To the unrefined and underbred, it might seem just as a trifling bit of paper, but to the cultured and educated, it conveys a subtle and unmistakable intelligence. Its texture, style of  writing and engraving, design, color and even the way it is handed out can put its owner in a remarkable, noble and pleasant attitude.

Contribute to a significant event by underlining your exquisite style and real emotions. The variety of articles we offer features the combination of highest European artistry and advanced technology in  creating the most aesthetical top-quality products with sophisticated designs.


Aesthetic Messages   Mail4.png

Why greeting card? You like to say something but do not know how to word it?  The greeting card can help you. You want to convey a feeling or invoke an emotion but do not know how to do it? The greeting card can do it for you. You need to send a simple message like a well-wish, a "Good Luck", a "Thank You", a "You Are Wonderful"? Take a greeting card.

Whether you want to communicate with far-off relatives, or just let your sweetie know how much you love him/her, greeting cards offer a creative, simple, rapid, inexpensive and elegant solution to brighten up someone's day. For any occasion, even just for saying "Hello", there is a greeting card with diverse themes and illustrations.  It is a beautiful piece of art carrying a personal message to the receiver that you are thinking of him/her. Who really does not love to receive a greeting card?!

Read more on the History of Greeting Cards.



"For an event to possess
greatness two things must come together: Greatness of
spirit in those who
accomplish it and greatness
of spirit in those who experience it." 
[Friedrich Nietzsche]


Premium products for the classical art of celeberating a significant event with your exquisite style and creativity. 

Time is today's greatest luxury. In a fast changing world of permanent technological revolutions people seek continuity and stability, an anchor in the flow to make a pause, to reflect and to review. Certain things  remind us of the real values of life like the meaning of loves, friendships, victories and special moments.


Dancing Fays

Fays.jpg  Dancing Fays 

Price category: 


Personalized CardsComingSoon.png

Coming soon: Personalized greeting and wedding cards with your own sign, name and title for every occasion.

Letter Papers ComingSoon.png

Coming soon: High-quality papers made in Germany with or without decorative designs and ornaments, with or without watermark, with or without relief, for attaching to your letters your exquisite personal note.

Gift Bags and Wrapping Papers ComingSoon.png

Coming soon: The artful package of a gift defines the first impression of it and is of great importance. A large variety of high-quality gift bags and wrapping papers with impressive designs.  


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